Saturday, April 22, 2017

Influenster Poppy Vox Box!

I'm SUPER excited to share my first ever Influenster Vox Box, called the Poppy Vox Box!

I've been a member of Influenster since early February of this year, and thought it would be really cool to be able to review and receive complementary products. So I started reviewing products I've used, connecting my social media accounts, and being an active Influenster member on both their website and app. I wasn't really expecting to receive any free products any time soon, but it is such a fun concept, that I actually enjoyed frequenting the site and looking up new products or raving about my favorites! I eventually received an e-mail to complete a survey through Influenster to be on the "short list" for a box, so I completed it like I completed other reviews and "snapshots" (little tidbits of information you provide Influenster about products you use in various categories such as beauty, health, and more!). A day later, I received an e-mail saying that I was in for the Poppy box!

I was absolutely shocked when I received the e-mail. I honestly was not expecting to receive many products, if any, through the website. But I was in for an entire box! How exciting!!! I love trying out new products, and am constantly searching high and low for good quality products (especially in makeup, hair products, and beauty/hygiene products in general). After I found out I was in, I checked my profile constantly to see where my box was in the shipping process. I watched the Influenster Facebook Live video where they talked about and tested all of the amazing products I would be receiving in my first ever box. And I continued to complete snapshots and review products on Influenster.

Finally, after a lonnggggg wait (well not really, I think I was just that excited about it haha), I received my Poppy box in the mail! Unfortunately, it was smack in the middle of the week when I had about 6 hours of sleep for days and had a bunch of exams in my most challenging subjects (pharm and critical care, I'm talking about you!). I opened the box with the biggest cheesy smile on my face, and then it sat there for the rest of the week until I could actually make the time to really look through it and start the campaign on Influenster's website and app.

Sooo, are the products I received! As of now, I have not tested any of the products, but I plan on doing so very soon and posting what I think of each of them! Until then, here is what I received:

  • Nyakio Kenyan Coffee Face Polish. I am super pumped to use this. I have really difficult skin (oily, acne-prone, and of course with some dry patches here and there), and am constantly on the search for scrubs, since I feel like they make my complexion look less blemish-y and dull. Currently, I always reach for my St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub. However, I am always on the lookout for more scrubs and cannot wait to test out this product and see what I think of the brand!
  • 7th Heaven Soften Sock Masques. I think the folks at Influenster might have secretly followed me around and seen how atrocious my feet are. When I was watching the Facebook Live video about the vox box products, I was like "man, I could really use those foot masques". My boyfriend lovingly calls my feet "ogre feet" because they are constantly so rough and dry, despite my best intentions to keep them super soft and beautiful. I blame my constant use of sandals and being barefoot in the summer haha. I've never tried a product exactly like this (but I have tried foot scrub, powder, sprays, lotions, and even pumices and similar products with not so great results). I SO hope that it works so that I can go and purchase some more of these at Walmart for $3.97!
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Liquid Eyeliner. I am a HUGE fan of liquid eyeliner, especially when it comes in a fine-line marker-like form. I was literally just thinking about how I haven't had to buy an eyeliner in a while, when my Physician's Formula liquid eyeliner started to run out on me. Enter this vox box to save the day! I have several liquid eyeliner brands and types to compare this against, so I think it will be fun to see where it stands on my eyeliner lineup!
  • Rimmel Oh My Gloss! Oil Tint. Again, Influenster like read my mind or something. While the lovely ladies at Influenster were testing this product out on Facebook Live, I kept saying how I so hoped that I would be getting the pretty color so perfectly called "poppy". I mean all of the colors were beautiful, but I was especially excited about the bright and cheery red-pink color. Guys, I got this exact color in my box!!! How perfect! I've been loving trying out different lip products, including a tinted lip butter I recently purchased through the Ulta "21 Days of Beauty" sale, and I am in love with the color and the moisture it provides my lips. I've never tried an oil tint, but I am super excited to do so! 
  • Tide PODS Plus Downy April Fresh. This is apparently a new product on the market in laundry world. Although I don't do my own laundry too often (thanks mom, for putting up with me not being able to adult and PA school at the same time haha), I was excited to share this with my mom. We often use little pod-like products in our dishwasher, but have never transferred over into pod-world for laundry, so I am excited to see how these little balls of freshness work! Plus, I received a $2 coupon in my box as well, so if my family decides we like it, we are also saving when we purchase it!
  • NIVEA In Shower Body Lotion. I'm a fan of some Nivea lotion right now. I've never used an in-shower body lotion, so I am obviously highly intrigued by this product. However, I will say that I am also slightly terrified of this product as well. Back in my high school bacne days (even though honestly my skin has not changed much since then, and I still rock the acne on my face, chest and back haha), I thought it would be a great idea to try out a cute Bath and Body Works body wash. Terrible idea for my skin type. I broke out everywhere, and looked like a giant human pizza. It also irritated my skin so much, so I had a red base with a bunch of acne (a lot more than usual) everywhere. Not fun at all. Since then, I've stuck with Dove Sensitive Skin soap with lotion as needed on my legs, hands, and arms (where I don't break out). This product testing is going to be saved for a rainy day (or weekend actually), when I won't care if I have some crazy reaction to it.
  • Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo. Ever since discovering dry shampoo, I've been obsessed. I have a super greasy head to go along with my oily face (yay), so it has consistently been a struggle for me to not look like I haven't showered in days by the end of each day (I almost always shower at night, and never ever go longer than a day without washing my hair). I started out with a CVS brand dry shampoo which I didn't like at all (it smelled weird and also made my hair look like it had little chunks of white sand dusted throughout), then moved onto Kristen Ess dry shampoo, which I absolutely love! I've noticed with dry shampoos that cheap is not effective, so I am absolutely willing to spend a little bit more on a dry shampoo now that I've seen amazing results with the Kristen Ess product. Both Kristen Ess and Eva NYC retail for around the same price (~$12), so the competition should be tight! I also received a $2 Eva NYC coupon in my box, which may sway my opinion for the next time I have to purchase some dry shampoo.
How cool is all of this?! I really cannot wait to test out these products for the many reasons I listed above, and then some! I will be sure to share my honest opinion about each of these once I've had some time to try them all out. Be sure to check back!

Disclaimer: I received these products for free for testing products through Influenster, but all opinions are my own. I will always provide my 100% honest opinion. 

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