Tuesday, December 8, 2015

a simple hello could lead to a million things


My name is Holly. I am a twenty-something girl making recent strides in both my career and my style. 

I have been following some pretty amazing bloggers and instagrammers to evolve my style, which I felt like was recently in a rut. I am a clearance rack hunter by trade - no shame here!! But I have more recently been gravitating toward more durable and quality staples (my boyfriend just recently purchased a pair of $150+ leather booties for me...I somewhat freaked out about the price tag, but was glad I insisted that he at least use a coupon for a few dollars off!). 

Now onto the career aspect. I was recently accepted into physician assistant school (the start of my dream career!) and will be starting my didactic, or classroom-based, year in less than 100 days, which is crazy! I've worked really hard to get where I am, and I had many struggles along the way, but am super proud that I have been able to accomplish more than I thought possible in the past few years since beginning my whirlwind of an experience as an undergrad at Temple University (more on that to come in the future). 

My newbie blogger goal is to be able to share [mostly] these two aspects of my life on a platform that I have never attempted to use. A sub-goal is to become more comfortable with my informal writing voice (I've really only ever written some college papers, most of which were science-based. Eek!). But that is more of a note to my nerdy side so that I can hopefully look back on this first post and see improvement on my writing skills and internal voice development. I'd finally like to make the following statement: I'd like this to be a positive place. I want to be able to encourage others (if anyone actually does read this), but at the very least provide myself with the ability to express my thoughts and grow. That's not to say I may not post anything difficult in content, but I'd like to be able to improve or grow, and I'd also like to make this a safe place for anyone who may need a friend. I am really excited about this new beginning, and I hope you'll join me!

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